Fadumo Ali toimistossa. Kuvassa viherkasvi ja kultainen perhossormus.
Fadumo Ali

Award-winning entrepreneur, CEO and nurse

Fadumo Ali is the founder of Hoiwa Oy, a social and health care company, and in 2021 she was selected for the list of 100 Healthcare Influencers of the Year  (Mediuutiset) and Espoo Entrepreneur of the Year 2022.

Fadumo set out to solve the shortage of healthcare employees in Finland. In two years she has brought about multiple changes in the sector, including raising nurse salaries and helping organizations to recruit staff quickly and flexibly. Hoiwa already has over 2500 workers in long and even one-day contracts.


Fadumo has been in the industry for 15 years, working for a long time in eldercare, and she also has experience in health center work and children’s hospital care.

Her aim is to improve the working conditions for nurses, raise their status and to promote more competitive wages.

Fadumo also promotes workplace diversity.

Top 35 Young North European Business Owners

The founder and CEO of Hoiwa, Fadumo Ali, is included in Nordic Business Report’s latest listing of 35 Northern European Business Owners Aged 35 or Younger.

The prestigious panel has chosen the candidates based on their strong positive influence, achievements, accountability, business size and growth rate, and future potential.

The same listing also includes Finnish Miki Kuusi (Wolt), Sami Marttinen (Swappie), Tuomo Rikkie (Smartly) and Saana Tyni (Koti Puhtaaksi). In addition, Johannes Schildt (Kry), Markus Villig (Bolt) and the founder of Einride Linnéa Kornehed Falck are in it too.


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AURORA - Get inspired, stop, impress, look far away

Friday 18.11.2022

From 11:00 to 11:45
Is diversity a success factor in the world of work?
– Shadia Rask, Research Manager, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
– Tero Roininen, Finnish musician
– Fadumo Ali, entrepreneur
– Tuulia Thynell, moderator

LOCATION: Conference and Congress Centre Levi Summit

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Event: Apulaisosastonhoitaja 2022 - Suomen hoitotyön lähiesihenkilöt kokoontuvat yhteen inspiroitumaan.

Tuesday 8.11.2022

At 14:30
CASE Hoiwa Oy
– Moninaisen työyhteisön johtaminen
– Riittävä kielitaito hoitotyössä
– Voinko oppia suomen kielen työelämässä

LOCATION: Ravintola Töölö

Official pre-event of Nordic Business Forum in Estonia: Future Focused Leadership

Wednesday 14.9.2022

From 15:15 to 15:55
How I overcame the obstacles and became successful leader and business owner

LOCATION: Nordic Hotel Forum (Viru väljak 3, Tallinn), Siriuse konverentsiruum

Event: How I became an Entrepreneur

Tuesday 6.9.2022

Kiinnostaako yrittäjyys? Tervetuloa kuulemaan inspiroivien puhujiemme kertovan matkastaan kohti yrittäjyyttä – ja löytämään hyviä vinkkejä tulevaisuuden yrittäjille!


Training: Onnistu rekrytoinnissa ja pidä kiinni osaajistasi: Kuinka saada terveydenhuollon ammattilainen tulemaan ja jäämään?

Wednesday 7.9.2022 – Torstai 8.9.2022

Wednesday at 13:00
Rekrytoinnin uudet tuulet ja digitaalisuuden mahdollisuudet
– Miten tilanne on muuttunut?
– Erilaiset digitaaliset työkalut
– Digitalisaatio ja talous

Thursday at 11:00
Houkutteleva rekrytointi-ilmoitus hoitajan näkökulmasta
– Työnantajamielikuvan merkitys rekrytoinnissa
– Sosiaalisen median mainonta
– Palkka näkyviin rekrytoinnissa

LOCATION: Keilaranta 1 Business Park, Espoo

Current affairs

Fadumo Ali toimistossa. Kuvassa viherkasvi ja kultainen perhossormus.

What makes one a good leader?

My journey from a nurse to a startup entrepreneur and a leader has not always been easy, but it has been all the more educational. I have realised that you are not born a good leader, you grow into it. However, there is much to remember to ease the growing pains.

Hoiwa awarded as the best in our region A, Uusimaa and Finland Proper, in the Productive Idea competition’s social category

‘’This means a lot to all of us because Hoiwa is a social enterprise. It serves us all, especially at this time”, says Hoiwa’s founder and CEO Fadumo Ali gratefully.

Fadumo Ali, Vuoden yrittäjä Espoo 2022

Public Health Nurse Fadumo Ali's company raised millions in funding: "We also want to go international"

The company’s (founded in Spring 2020) net revenue grew nearly 10x to about 4.3 million euros. Hoiwa’s founder and CEO Fadumo Ali reminds clients that gig workers are an asset. The Finnish growth company Hoiwa has raised 2 million euros in seed funding from Nordia Management, Trado Capital (Olli Sirkiä) and Rake.

Fadumo Ali, Vuoden yrittäjä Espoo 2022

Fadumo Ali, who founded a health care company two years ago, was selected as Espoo Entrepreneur of the Year

A single parent of four did a feat few can do in Espoo: in a short time and with extreme determination she created a company that provides jobs for thousands and was rewarded with the Espoo Entrepreneur of the Year award from Espoo Entrepreneurs.

Fadumo Ali, Vuoden yrittäjä Espoo 2022

Awarded entrepreneur Fadumo Ali is aiming at international markets and going public

Fadumo Ali of Somali background is the founder and CEO of Hoiwa Oy. This 35-year-old immigrant woman and entrepreneur has turned Hoiwa Oy into an exceptional success story in a short time.

Mediuutiset Hoiwa Fadumo Ali

Thank you, Everyday Improvers of Healthcare 2021 – Find out who Mediuutiset highlighted

Mediuutiset listed 100 Finns who influenced the health care sector in 2021 in 10 categories. Here’s the publication’s coverage in the Everyday Improvers category, listed alphabetically

Get to know Hoiwa

Hoiwa is a Finnish social and health care sector company Fadumo Ali founded in 2020. It acts as a reliable partner for both the public and private sectors throughout Finland.